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Laser Run - a Summer Biathlon

Laser Run is a combined event, with competitors alternating between shooting a laser pistol and running. It could be considered the summer version of biathlon (combined cross-country skiing and rifle shooting). Laser Run is the final leg of the multi-event sport of Modern Pentathlon. This last phase of a Modern Pentathlon is also an event in its own right, and made its international debut at the World Urban Games in 2019.

The running distances for the laser run can range from 2 x 400m to 4 x 800m (depending on the age category) and everyone shoots from five meters away from the target. All athletes start the race together with a short run to the shooting range and their allocated shooting bay. Using a laser pistol, athletes shoot at their target as many times at it takes to register five successful hits.

After completing five successful hits (or once the maximum shooting time of 50 seconds has expired), the athletes leave the range and begin their first run. After completing the required running distance, they return to the shooting range and repeat shooting at the target. After their final shooting phase, competitors complete their last running loop to the finish line.

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