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Kronum is a team sport that combines aspects of football (soccer), handball, basketball, and rugby into a single sport. It was invented in Villanova, Pennsylvania by Bill Gibson in 2008 with an intent to allow players from multiple sports to get together. The sport is currently played only within the United States.

Kronum is played in a unique field unlike any other. It consists of three concentric circular regions. There are four goalposts placed on the edges of the outermost circle. The field is then separated into several zones, each of which has a specific role during game play. The only equipment required to play kronum is a ball. The ball used is similar in size to that of a soccer ball but is more bouncy.

A match is played between two 10-player teams in three 15-minute periods. Players cannot carry the ball. The ball can be moved by dribbling as in basketball, kicking as in soccer, or by passing. Teams can score goals on any of the four goalposts and from anywhere on the field and are awarded points between 1 to 8 based on where the shot was take from on the field.

Kronum is not a highly recognized sport even within the United States. The only major event for the sport is the annual championship tournament conducted by the kronum league.

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