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Krachtbal, which literally translates as powerball, is a team sport which originated in Flanders and is the only place where the sport is currently played.

The sport is played in a field 26m x 14m in size. The region outside the field, along the width on each end is considered as the goal line. There is a free throw line, on both sides, 4m from the goal line towards the center. The ball used is a large leather covered medicine ball that weighs 4kg. Women play with a 2kg ball, and children play with an 1kg ball.

The ball can be thrown in two ways, neck throw - thrown with both arms raised and the player facing forward, and a back throw - thrown backwards over the head. Points are scored by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal area. A goal scored using a neck throw is awarded one point and a goal scored using a back throw is awarded two points.

krachtbal flanders sport

The team with the ball gets to throw it three times to move the ball towards the opponent’s goal area and score. The first throw starts from the free throw line, and the next two throws will be thrown from the spot where the ball bounced during the previous throw. If the opposing team catches the ball in full or if three throws are complete the opposing team gets possession of the ball.

A match is played between two teams with four players on each team, in two 25 minute periods.

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