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The sport of Kin-ball is a one of a kind team sport in which, unlike other team sports where two teams compete head-to-head, three teams compete in a single match. The sport was invented by a physical education professor named Mario Demers in 1986 in Quebec, Canada.

Kin-ball games are played indoors, with a large inflated ball, about 1.5m in diameter. Each team plays with four active players on the court. Players from each team wear jerseys of different colors.

A match is played for three periods, which last from 7-15 minutes each; depending on the age group that is playing the match. At the start of the match, and the subsequent periods, a player from one team will stand at the center of the court; shout out "Omnikin" followed by the name of the team that should catch the ball next.

Three players from the named team should catch the ball before it falls onto the ground, with both hands in contact with the ball and at least one knee bent. If the named team fails to catch the ball the other two teams score one point each. The fourth player from the named team will call out the name of the next team to catch and put the ball back into play.

The team with the most points at the end of the match is declared as the winner.

International Kin-Ball Federation has participants from Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, France and Japan, Germany, Malaysia and U.S.

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