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Kho Kho

Kho kho (as well as Kabbadi) are traditional tag games widely popular in the Indian subcontinent. Kho kho is also played widely in South Africa.

Kho kho is played with twelve players in each team. Among these twelve players, nine enter the field while attempting to assure the members of the opposite team do not touch them while the opposite team tries to touch them.

A Kho kho match comprises two innings. Each inning consists of chasing and running turns of nine minute duration. In the center of the court, each of the team kneels in a row and simultaneously the adjacent members face the opposite direction. The team that takes less time to tag all the opponent players wins the game.

A Kho kho playground is rectangular in shape and has a width of 16 meters and a length of 29 meters. There are two rectangles with a pole in the middle of it.

In 1987, the Asian Kho Kho Federation was established in Kolkata, India. The member countries were Bangladesh, Pakistan Maldives, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The first Asian championship was held in 1996 in Kolkata and the second was held in Bangladesh.

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