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Kendo which means 'the way of the sword' is a form of Japanese martial art that originated from kenjutsu. Kendo makes use of shinai-bamboo swords and boqu-an armour. It is a martial art form that requires rigorous physical activity and ultimate skills which require practice inevitably.

kendo fighterkendo fighter

Swordsmen of Japan set up schools where Kenjutsu was taught. The kendo exercises are known as kata and came into being centuries back. In 1946, a ban was placed on kendo.  In 1950, kendo returned back. In 1952, All Japan Kendo Federation was founded right after independence of Japan and the ban on martial arts was also lifted. In 1970, International Kendo Federation came into being.

Kendoka are the practitioners of kendo, these are the ones who practice this martial art form. Kendo training is not done in silence. The practitioners of Kendo express their fighting spirit through kiai, a shout. Furthermore, as they make a strike, kendoka strike their feet. Kendo is practiced with bare feet. There are proper venues with wooden floors to play Kendo known as dojo.

Kendo techniques constitute of thrusts and strikes. Strikes are made on wrists or head and the body is covered with protective armour. Sometimes, a wrong strike can lead to sever injury on the neck. It is therefore essential to practice Kendo often and also follow the rules properly.

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