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Ice Dancing

Ice dancing is a sport of the figure skating discipline that has its roots from ballroom dancing. Similar to pairs figure skating, dancers compete in a man and a woman pair and perform dance moves in sync with background music.

There are some major difference between ice dancing and pair skating. In ice dancing, throws and jumps are not allowed, and the pair must perform spins as a team. Skaters perform to beat and rhythm, as opposed to melody and phrasing in pairs figure skating.

Dancers are required to perform two routines, a short dance and a free dance. In the short dance routine, the pair has to perform a set of required patterns for half the duration followed by their own choreography that includes some required moves, to music of their choice.

skating on iceice dancers

The free dance routines are four minutes long. The pair is free to choose the music and all the dance moves. There are certain moves that have to be included in the dance, which includes lifts, spins, step sequences, and twizzles.

Both routines are judged, and points are awarded for each routine with more weightage given to the free dance routine. The pair with the most points is declared as the winner.

Ice dancing has been a part of the Winter Olympic Games since 1976 and part of the World Championships since 1952.

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