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Air Hockey

Air hockey is a sport that is played between two competing players who try to score more points in the opposing player’s goals using an air hockey table which has a special low friction playing surface.

This entertaining and fast-paced game usually consists of a huge smooth playing surface which is surrounded by a rail to prevent the puck and mallets from dropping down the table.

The game offers thrill and excitement to the player. It is considered one of the best indoor games around the world. The game encourages the players to know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities in order to create a strategy using this knowledge. It involves various types of tournaments such as double-elimination tournament or spinoff tournaments.

air hockey tableair hockey table

Spinoff tournaments can be very exciting because the player is to have matches with all others who got knocked out or eliminated from the game at the same time as he did, hence the player gets the opportunity to compete with people who have the same level of skills. This enables him to understand his skill level and ranking as a player.

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