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Field Handball

Field handball is a competitive sport also known as grass handball and outdoor handball. It is also known to be the original form of handball. Field handball was played on the official program of the summer Olympics of 1936, and as a demonstration sport at the 1952 Olympics.

This particular sport is played on a grass field of 90 to 110 meters long and 55 to 56 meters wide. The grass field has a huge resemblance to the field on which Association Football is played by players all around the world. This particular grass field has two parallel lines of 35 meters from the goal line, which actually divides the field in 3 sections. In every section a number of almost 6 players are allowed of each team.

young field handball players young field handball players

The goal area on this field is in a semi circular line having a radius of 13 meters and the penalty mark is at a 14 meters distance from the goal. The goal in this sport is 7.32 meters wide and 2.44 meters high on both sides. This sport is played with the same ball which is used to play indoor handball. There are two teams in this sport having 11 players on each team. In indoor handball there are just 7 players on each team.

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