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Metro Footy

Metro Footy, also referred to as Metro Rules Footy, is a team sport that can be best described as a mini form of Australian rules football. The full version of Aussie rules requires a large number of players and a huge field to play the sport. Because of these two requirements, Aussie rules has not been adopted well in other countries besides Australia. So metro footy was developed as a modified Aussie rules version, that can be played on an association football, American football or rugby field, with fewer number of players. Metro Footy is exclusively played in the United States.

The number of players per team varies between different leagues, but in most leagues it is typically nine. The match duration also varies between leagues, but it is typically played for four 15 minute quarters. The goalposts, behind posts, and the scoring rules, where a goal is awarded 6 points, and a behind is awarded 1 point, are exactly same as Aussie rules. The rucks, throw-ins, and all the ways in which the ball is moved is also the same.

There are several clubs in the United States that play metro footy. The sport is used by players as a minor league to enter into leagues like MAAFL and USAFL that play the full version of Aussie Rules.

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