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Footpool (Snookball)

Footpool is a table sport, which mimics pool, but is played in a manner in which players stand on the table and kick the cue ball to pocket colored balls, rather than striking it with a cue stick. It is sometimes also called soccer billiards or snookball.

A footpool table is much longer and wider than a regular pool table. The table has six pockets similar to a pool table, one on each corner, and one on the middle of each of the longer sides of the table. A total of ten balls are used, which are, four yellow, four red, one black ball, and one white cue ball. All balls are same in size as that of a size 3 soccer ball.

Similar to pool, a player can only directly strike the cue ball. One player is assigned to pocket all the red balls, while the other plays the yellow balls. A player is allowed to pocket the black ball only after all their four colored ball have been pocketed. Rules like, pocketing the black ball out of turn, pocketing the cue ball, or balls flying out of the table, are similar to that of pool.

The UK Footpool championship is the most popular tournament conducted for the sport in which participants from around the world take part.

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