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Sprint Football

Sprint football is a variation of American Football which requires all players participating to be 172 pounds or less in weight, with a body fat of at least 5%. The sport is played only at a collegiate level within the United States. The weight restrictions were enforced to increase the speed of the game. The sport was previously called lightweight football.

Sprint football is played on a full-size football field, and retains all the rules of regular American Football. Match duration, number of players, offensive and defensive formations, types of plays, and penalties are all the same.

During a match, a team that has the possession of the ball is on offense and tries to score points, while the other team defends. Points can be scored in the form of touchdowns (6 points), field goals (3 points), one or two point conversions, and safeties.

The sport is controlled by Collegiate Sprint Football League (CSFL). Currently nine universities are members of the league. CSFL conducts a sprint football season every year, where all nine teams play seven matches each, among themselves. At the end of the season the team with the most number of wins is awarded the championship. If multiple teams have the same number of wins, they all share the championship.

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