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Footbag is group of sports that is named after the ball that is used to play the sport (sometimes called a hackysack). The main objective of the sport is to control the footbag using only the legs and preventing it from falling on to the ground.

There are several variations in the games played with a footbag, the two main types of which are:

Freestyle: The objective of freestyle footbag is to perform various tricks. Some of the common moves used in the tricks are, jumps, spins, ducks, and dexterity moves which involve crossing the bag's path with legs in mid-air.

footbag or hacky sack there is lots you can do with a footbag or hacky sack

Footbag Net: The sport is played in a court similar in dimensions to that of a Badminton court, with a five feet high net in the middle. The sport can be played in singles or doubles format. the gameplay is similar to that of volleyball, where each side has three chances to contact the bag before returning it to the other side. Players are allowed to contact the bag only with their feet, any contact above the shin is a foul. Matches are played for 15 points with a two point differential format.

A Footbag World Championship is conducted for the sport every year which features competitions for all variations of the sport.

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