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Rein means to stop or control something. In the sport of reining, equestrian riders guide their horses through a precise pattern of spins, circles and stops. Reining is a western competition for horses, first recognized in 1949 by the American Quarter Horse Association. This is also called dressage riding as the sport makes the horse follow the movement of the rider or to be in tune with the rider.

Equestrian reiningEquestrian reining

In order to be successful in this competition, the horse must be guided and controlled carefully and properly. There are almost 8-12 movements performed by the horses in reining. These movements include circles, flying lead change, run down, sliding stop, backup, rollback, spins, and pause. The horses are required to perform cub-bit.

Seventy is the average score for a horse that does not have any errors, but did not perform difficult maneuvers. Reining can be performed by any horse, but the Stock horse breeds are the ones that usually excel in the field. Horses must be alert, responsive and fast.

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