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Combined Driving

Combined driving is a Carriage Driving sport that involves one or more riders driving a carriage pulled by one or more horses, and undertaking three events. This sport is similar to Equestion Eventing.

Combined Driving consists of three stages:

1 Dressage: This stage takes place in 40 X 80m - 100m arena, with markers that indicate where transition in speed and gait should happen. Movements performed during dressage include figures of eight, circles, and crossing the diagonal. All paces, working trot, extended trot, collected trot, walk, canter, halt, and a rein back have to be used during movements. The goal for this stage is to make the movements look effortless.

2. Cross-country marathon: This phase is to test the fitness and stamina of horses and the appropriate pacing knowledge of the riders. The course used is 10 - 22km long which is divided into 3 or 5 sections, with each section requiring the horse to be driven at walk or trot. The final section of the marathon will consist of up to eight specially built obstacles.

3. Obstacle cone driving: This stage is a test for accuracy, speed and obedience. The competitors have to navigate through a course that consists of up to 20 cones. The course has to be completed both by walk and trot.

All three stages of the competition are judged based on various factors, and winners are decided based on the combined points for all three stages.

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