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Beach Cricket

Beach Cricket is a version of traditional outdoor cricket. Beach cricket is usually played as a social version of the sport, played on the beach with fewer players and simplified rules. As with many sports, players find it hard not to be too competitive, and you will find there are occasional more serious beach cricket tournaments.

Beach cricket game at Greens Pool, Denmark, WA Beach cricket game at Greens Pool, Denmark, Western Australia

Social Beach Cricket Games

Beach cricket has been a popular summer social and fun game in Australia, India and possibly other cricket playing nations for a long time.

Some of the idiosyncrasies of beach cricket include

Professional Beach Cricket

In the Australian cricket summer 05/06 there were three beach cricket internationals - between Australia, England and the West Indies.

Some of the rules for these matches included:

The matches were played in temporary beach stadiums, in Coolangatta (QLD), Scarborough (WA) and Maroubra (NSW). Some of the greats of world cricket made up the teams:

Other Forms of Cricket

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