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Sport Climbing

Sport climbing is a sport that originated from traditional rock climbing. In sport climbing, permanent anchors fixed to the rock are used for climbing. The primary focus of the sport is on strength, endurance, speed and difficulty of moves.

Some of the equipment used for sport climbing are, ropes, quickdraws, belayers, and harnesses. Additionally, some climbers use specialized shoes and chalk powder for better grip.

Sport climbing routes vary in length and difficulty. Routes vary from single pitch short length routes that test speed, to multi-pitch marathons that test endurance. Most sport climbing competitions have routes that are relatively short; usually less than 30 meters, with a steep ascent.

rock climbingindoor wall climbing

The sport of sport climbing had a major boost in 2021 when it was included on the Olympic program for the first time. At the Olympics, the sport climbing competition has three main disciplines, which are:

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