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Chinlone / Caneball

Chinlone, also known as caneball, is a traditional sport from Myanmar. It is a team sport combining sport and dance. Chinlone is more focussed on creativity and not competitiveness. Chinlone in Burmese means rounded basket, referring to the ball that is made from rattan, a matterial used for making baskets.

The game is played by two teams with six players each. They pass the ball back and forth using their feet, knees, and their heads as they walk around a circle. While the rest pass the ball around, a player goes into the middle alone, and the player creates a dance of different moves strung together. If they drop the ball to the ground, the play is restarted.

This game is usually played barefoot or using chinlone shoes that will let the players feel the ball and the ground. The players can make contact with the ball using the top of their toes, the inner and outer sides of the foot, the heel, the sole, and the knee.

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