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Capture the Flag

'Capture the flag' is an game which is usually played by two teams. The game can be played either outdoor or indoor. The playing field should be divided into two parts, which are known as territories. 

Each team has a flag, and the goal is to get the other team’s flag which is located at their base. The flag can be replaced by any small object which can easily be carried. If played at night, flashlights, glow sticks, or lanterns are used. The team should bring the flag back safely to their base.

children playing a capture-the-flag event children playing a capture-the-flag event

The players of the opposing teams can be tagged, depending on the agreed rules; they can be out of the game, frozen, or can be put “in jail.” If the players are in their territory, they are safe. If they enter the opposing team’s territory, then they are vulnerable. When played during night time, it is suggested that teams should wear dark colors to increase the difficulty of seeing the teams.

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