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Bridge (the card game)

Bridge is a card game played by four players (two teams of two) sitting around a table, with partners sitting opposite one another. The players sitting across from each other at the same table form partnerships as North-South and East-West.

The game uses a standard playing card deck of 52 cards. A game of bridge consists of several deals (also called hands or boards). A hand is dealt, the bidding (or auction) proceeds to a conclusion and then the hand is played. Finally, the hand's result is scored.

The aim of a single deal is to achieve the highest score with given cards. The score is affected by two principal factors: the number of tricks bid in the auction, and the number of tricks taken during play.

bridge card game a hand in bridge

Contract bridge is different from previous versions of bridge, in that the contract refers to a statement by one partnership that they shall take at least a certain number of tricks, with a given suit as trumps, or without trumps.

Bridge does not fit our definition of a real sport as it is not primarily a human physical activity, but is included on this list of sports as it appeared on the sporting program of the Asian Games.

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