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Drunken Boxing

Drunken boxing, which is also called drunkard’s boxing or zui quan, is a concept in traditional Chinese martial arts and also wushu.

The term zui quan means drunken fist, that’s why the English expressions of drunken boxing and drunkard’s boxing were made. The techniques and styles for drunken boxing is unsuitable for women because of cultural notions regarding drinking among women.

drunkard’s boxing or zui quandrunkard’s boxing or zui quan

Drunken boxing is a series of styles and techniques that appear to imitate the movement of a drunken person. It is the most difficult wushu style to learn because of the need of powerful joints and fingers.

Drunken boxing techniques require a person to be great in balancing and coordination. To succeed in this, one must be relaxed and can go from one technique to another easily. Drinking, falling, and swaying are used to knock off some opponents. If the opponent thinks that the boxer is drunk, then boxer is actually well balanced and the boxer is ready to strike.

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