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Kegel Bowling

Kegel bowling is a German nine-pine bowling game that is played in Australia. The objective of the sport is to roll a wooden or plastic ball and knock down all the pins, called kegels that are arranged in a specific format. The sport was introduced in Australia by German immigrants in the early 19th century which continues to remain popular in several areas.

The sport is played indoors. The playing area is called a lane, which is a smoothened wooden surface that is 19.5m long. Players roll the ball from one end of the lane and the kegels are arranged on the other end. The ball used, unlike 10-pin bowling, does not have holes for fingers.

The sport can be played individually or in teams. The game play consists of a total of 120 throws for each player, which is split into 30 throws into four different lanes. For the first fifteen throws the number of pins struck count towards player’s points, and the pins are reset before the next throw. For the next 15 throws the pins are reset only after all the pins are knocked down.

Kegel bowling is mostly played at a recreational level. There are some competitive events that happen at a club level.

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