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Five-Pin Bowling

Five-pin bowling is considered to be a bowling variant. This spectacular sport is only played in Canada, where there are many bowling alleys who offer it either single or in a combination with ten pin bowling. This sport was introduced in the year 1909 by Thomas F. Ryan in Toronto at his own Toronto Bowling Club. He introduced this sport in the response of his club customers who complained to him that the ten-pin game was too persistent to play. 

The balls used in this sport are small in size which can be easily fitted in the hand which is why these balls do not require finger holes. The player have to strike the five pins which are arranged in V shaped.

These pins are half of size of duckpins which have a heavy rubber band around their middle and also are similar to the pins which are used in duckpin bowling sport. It is also one of the popular sports in North America.

The five pins in bowling are worth different scores, which mostly depends on their position in the V-formation of the five pins. There are total 15 points in total of the pins. The player will be awarded 15 points if he strikes down all the pins with his first ball strike. The perfect score in this sport is 450 which requires 12 consecutive complete pin down strikes in a game without fouling.

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