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Triple Jump (Athletics Event)

Triple jump is an athletic sport of the track and field discipline, in which athletes get to take two steps before making the final jump. The first two steps are also referred to as hop and step. The objective of the sport is to cover as much distance as possible in the three leaps.

Triple jumper taking the step Triple jumper taking the step

A triple jump field consist of a runway path, a marker line to start the jump from, and a sand pit about 14 feet away from takeoff line. To make the jump, athletes sprint towards the takeoff mark and perform hop, step and jump in one continuous sequence. All three aspects of the triple jump are required to be performed in the correct foot sequence. The foot used for takeoff should be used for landing of the first jump. The second jump should land on the other foot, and the third jump has to be landed with both feet together.

If an athlete oversteps the takeoff mark or misses the foot sequence, the jump is disqualified. Each athlete gets six attempts, and the athlete with the longest jump is declared as the winner.

Triple jump is an Olympic event and is conducted for both men and women. World Championships and all other major athletic events also feature triple jump competitions.

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