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Aquajogging - Running in Water

Aquajogging is a water sport in which athletes are required to move in water while maintaining an upright position. Aquajogging was introduced as a the United States as an exercise for post-surgery patients and elderly people because of the low stress it cause on joints. The activity quickly became very popular among mainstream population and led the way for a competitive sport to be born out of it.

water running water running

Aquajogging is predominantly done on a swimming pool. Participants use a specially designed buoyancy belt to aid them in maintaining the upright position.

Competitions are conducted in a manner similar to that of swimming races, in which, multiple aquajoggers race head to head in different lanes. Athletes will be constantly monitored for maintaining the upright position, and athletes who violated it will be disqualified.

The Aquajogging World Championships is the highest level of competition conducted for the sport. The annual event which has been conducted in Finland since 2004, consists of, individual races for a distance of 50m, 3 X 50m relay races, and marathon races for a distance of 1km.

Since jogging in water is much more difficult than swimming, aquajogging races are much slower and less exciting to watch when compared to swimming races.

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