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Aquabike - Swimming then Cycling

Aquabike is a racing competition which can be best described as trimmed version of triathlon. Unlike triathlon where competitors take part in three legs, swimming, biking and then running, aquabike competitions contains only the first two legs, and there is no running. The sport originated in the United States.

swimming start swimming start

Several triathletes were advised not to run due to chronic knee problems, and had to discontinue the sport. Aquabike was introduced to offer a way for these triathletes continue competing since there is no running involved.

Aquabike races are conducted in three distance formats, Olympic distance - 1 mile swim + 25 mile bike, Half Ironman distance - 1.2 mile swim + 56 mile bike, Ironman distance - 2.4 mile swim + 112 mile bike. There are also a few regional competitions which are time based, where athletes swim for a fixed time (like 10 or 20 mins), and then bike for a fixed time (30 or 45 mins).

Aquabike was introduced as an experimental program which quickly became successful with huge participation. Today several aquabike competitions are conducted as standalone events or as part of triathlons or other major events.

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