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Who is America's greatest sporting role model? The USA is a great sporting nation, full of world sporting champions, but not all of these live up expectations off the field. Using the ratings system on this site we will find out what you think, which sporting champions are true heroes.

American Football GoalThe polls are only new so no answer to that question from this site is possible yet, but there has been a poll elsewhere with some interesting results. You can add you vote by rating these heroes.

Vanity Fair Says

Early in 2010 there was a poll on 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair, which asked viewers to select from a short list who they considered to be America's best sporting role model. Here are the results - a clear win by Peyton Manning (although 45% of the respondents voted that sports stars should not be role models!). Roger Federer is not American, but I guess they were asking who are sporting role models to Americans. Follow the links to give your hero rating to these athletes.

23% Peyton Manning
6% Derek Jeter
5% Venus Williams
3% Roger Federer
2% Danica Patrick
1% Shaun White

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