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Heroines are also called referred to as Female Heroes or Sheroes, while sometimes the word hero is not gender based and refers to both males and female (as sometimes done here). Whatever they are called, they the female sporting heroes deserved to be recognized and below is some information about some of the greatest.

Hero Ratings

Heroes in the world of sport are mostly males, though many women sports people deserve hero status, and inspire other women to participate in sport. I have designed my own hero rating system to give each hero a rating based on five criteria, from which we get our Super Heroes. Only a few females are listed so far, with Billie Jean King rated highest so far. You can rate these heroines:

More Examples

Is your female hero not listed here? Then suggest her.

Further Reading

Book: Heroines of Sport: The Politics of Difference and Identity

This book by Jennifer Hargreaves discusses the ways in which the participation of women in sport across the world is tied to their sense of difference and identity. The book focuses on five groups of women whose stories have not been previously discussed in the area of women's sports and female heroism: South African women, Muslim women from the Middle East; Aboriginal women from Australia and Canada; and lesbian women and disabled women world-wide.

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Heroes Extra

Read our discussion about what makes a hero. See our Super Hero list and Heroines, and don't forget our Anti-Heroes.

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