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Ratings of Sporting Heroes

I have designed my own ranking system to give each hero a rating score. For each of these heroes, you are asked to rate them on five different criteria which have been determined to be the most important attributes of a sporting hero. The five criteria are listed below. For more details about these criteria, and why these were chosen, see What Makes a Hero?

  1. Skill — a hero will be very skillful in their chosen sport
  2. Character — they know they are a role-models and act accordingly.
  3. Family — they have good family relationships and relate well with people.
  4. Charity work — they strive to be a positive influence in the community, giving back as much as they receive.
  5. Popular culture — a great hero will be greater than the sport, well known in greater circles.
Roger Federer Roger Federer

Rate a Hero

Here is a list of international sports people who have been called a hero at some stage. You may or may not agree. Follow the links to rate each of these people. The topped rated heroes are on the top20 super heroes list. If your hero is not here, then suggest a hero.

Super Heroes List!

Comparing the ratings of these heroes, we can determine the best rated hero - a superhero? In the first round of analysis, Bradman, Armstrong and Jordan were rated as the greatest heroes. See the top20 super heroes list.

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Heroes Extra

Read our discussion about what makes a hero. See our Super Hero list and Heroines, and don't forget our Anti-Heroes.

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