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Youngest Goal Scorers at the World Cup

English teenager Jude Bellingham scored a goal at the 2022 World Cup. At 19 years and 145 days, he is just outside the list of the top-10 youngest scorers in World Cup history.

The youngest player in World Cup history to have scored a goal is Pelé, who scored against Wales in 1958 when aged just 17 years and 239 days old. The youngest player to appear at the World Cup was Northern Ireland's Norman Whiteside, who was just 17 years and 41 days old in 1982.

Top-10 List of the Youngest Scorers

Rank Age Player Country World Cup
1 17 years, 239 days Pelé Brazil 1958
2 18 years, 93 days Manuel Rosas Mexico 1930
3 18 years, 190 days Michael Owen England 1998
4 18 years, 197 days Nicolae Kovács Romania 1930
5 18 years, 231 days Dmitry Sychev Russia 2002
6 18 years, 357 days Lionel Messi Argentina 2006
7 19 years, 25 days Julian Green USA 2014
8 19 years, 65 days Divock Origi Belgium 2014
9 19 years, 88 days Martin Hoffman East Germany 1974
10 19 years, 92 days Constantin Stanciu Romania 1930

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