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Who is the Greatest Athlete of All Time?

"I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was." Muhammad Ali

Who is the Greatest Athlete of All Time? This is a question that is often asked, and probably never satisfactorily answered. We have discussed in detail the issue of the world's greatest athlete.

There are many lists published already of the greatest athletes from around the world, however many of these lists are limited in their scope of sports considered, limited to particular regions or time periods. We believe that the question of the world's greatest athlete can be answered by following a set formula and using the collective knowledge of the online community. You can see below we are on our way to having an answer to the question. We want your input to find out once and for all (yeah right!) who is the greatest.

Step 1: Determining the Greatest Athlete from each sport

The first stage in creating the list of the greatest athletes of all time is to determine the greatest athlete from all the major sports, then from this list decide on the greatest of the greatest. There are such lists around for many sports, but each have been determined by different groups using methods that vary. Here we will conduct the voting online using a single method and using the same population to cast the votes, and in doing so decide on the definitive all time greatest athlete of all sports.

We have set up lists of the top athletes from all the major world sports. Follow the links below to browse the top athlete list for each of the sports, give your feedback and cast your vote.

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Football/Soccer is clearly the world's most popular sport, and has the most popular athletes, but which sport has the fittest players (but not necessarily the greatest athlete). These players do not always earn the most. The best of the best have made it to our 7 Sporting Wonders Lists.

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