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Under Armour (UA) Fitness Testing Combine Competition

The UA Combine is a fitness testing competition organized by the sports equipment company Under Armour. Competitions were held in September and October 2022, in Singapore, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok.

Each competition involved 300 athletes performing eight fitness tests in a single day. Points were earned for each completed test and athletes were ranked according to their results. The winners were awarded cash prizes. For example, the Australian competition had prizes of $5000, $2500 and $1000 for individuals in the first three places. There was also a team competition.

Fitness Test List

The UA Combine fitness test consists of the following eight tests. The links provided are to the standard test procedures as listed on this website - the actual procedures used for the UA Combine may differ slightly.

Some Results

Singapore best scores

TEST Males   Females  
40 yard dash 4.85 sec YAO PENG LIM 5.02 sec KERSTIN ONG
20m sled push 6.38 sec DYLAN GODDARD 7.94 sec BONNIE KOH
standing vertical jump 98 cm YAO PENG LIM 70 cm JIA XIN SEE TOH
arrowhead agility 8.05 sec GINO MORALES 8.60 sec KERSTIN ONG
20m beep test 13.4 JAMIE ROBERTS 11.2 MUN TENG AMELIA SIEW
3RM bench press 140 kg SHAUN SEOW 77.5 kg JIA XIN SEE TOH
pull-up beep test 21 reps GINO MORALES 13 reps AMANDA LIM
reaction test 17.97 msec WJ SEE 18.90 msec AI PING YEO


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