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Timing Is Vital - Optimal Times To Consume Supplements for Optimal Performance

Whether you want to get stronger, recover faster, or simply have a much healthier body, you know that there are some things you need to do. You need to eat right, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and exercise for starters. But you can also benefit from all of these activities by consuming supplements.

supplements for athletes there are many supplements available for athletes

Supplements are designed to give your body an extra natural boost, especially in the fields of pre-workout energy, and post-workout recovery. They can be mixed into your drinks, taken with food, or eaten after you exercise to give your body a serious boost. 

However, whenever it comes to taking the correct supplements at the correct time, that can be a challenge for many athletes. After all, while there is no downside to taking supplements at the wrong time, you won’t be getting optimal performance if you do!

Here are some of the most common supplements, as well as the best times for you to take them!

A Multivitamin

Many people don’t bother with a bunch of different supplements and items, but rather lob everything they need together into one multivitamin and take that. Don’t be afraid to take a multivitamin, but always take it with a meal. If you can take it with the largest meal of the day, then do so, because you need to make sure that it is being digested properly and efficiently. 

Sleep Enhancers

If you are taking a supplement right before you go to bed in order to help you get some better sleep, then don’t just take it and immediately go to bed. Instead, try to take it about an hour before you go to sleep, and give the supplement time to digest and start to work. You will easily start to feel very drowsy after about an hour, which will make going to sleep much easier!

What Does Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Mean For Supplements?

One of the most common questions that many beginners have is when to take pre-workout and post-workout supplements. For the pre-workout ones, you need to drink or take them about 15 to 30 minutes before the workout starts. No matter what time the bottle of supplements says, you can’t just slam them down and then go and start your workout.

They need time to digest and you need time for your body to get all of the benefits that the supplements can provide. But once you get the timetable down, you can enter the workout ready to rock! Start strong with pre-workout supplements!

For post-workout supplements, you need to take these drinks immediately after your workout. No matter what your workout was, you have lost water and other beneficial chemicals from your body, and an immediate post-workout drink is going to replenish them right away.

Divide Other Supplements Up

Finally, you might have large doses of supplements to take, such as fish oils or vitamin C supplements, and while it might seem like a good idea to simply take them all at once and get it over with, it can be easier and more beneficial on your system to take them throughout the day every few hours. 

So don’t be afraid to create your own schedule, because as long as you are taking your full dosage throughout the day, you will be fine no matter when you take them. Do some research on supplements and ensure that you are getting the most out of them when you take them, and you will find that your workouts will get better and better and you will get faster results!

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