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Boycotts, Scandals & Controversies at the Commonweath Games

The Commonwealth Games, like the Olympic Games, has also suffered from political boycotts. Most of these can be linked to the political situation in South Africa. See also the information about Boycotts at the Olympic Games.

1934: The 1934 Games were originally awarded to Johannesburg, South Africa, but were moved to London to prevent a political crisis concerning the way South Africa might greet and treat black and Asian Commonwealth athletes.

1978: Nigeria boycotted the 1978 Games because of New Zealand's sporting contacts with South Africa.

1986: Thirty-two nations from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean boycotted the 1986 Games because of England's attitude to South African sporting contacts, reducing the number of competing nations to twenty-seven.

1974-1990: Boycott threats have also hung over the Games in 1974, 1982 and 1990 because of South Africa.

Other tensions: In 1998 at the Kuala Lumpur Games, the team from Singapore was booed as it entered the stadium during the opening ceremony, reflecting the cold relations between Singapore and the hosts.

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