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Video Analysis in Sports

Video has many applications in sports and science. Coaches and athletes are using the medium more and more to measure and correct technique, and to analyze team and individual performances. Video analysis software can also be used for gait analysis and biomechanics research, and in injury rehabilitation.

Team Performance Analysis

With the correct software, video of match play can become much more useful than simply re-watching the game. First it requires a technician to mark the video (in real time or after the game) with your chosen key points such as goals, errors, and specific plays, and also mark the involvement of each player. The coach or player then has ability to filter and see their chosen aspect of the game, such as all goals by a specific player, or errors by the opposing team. Game highlights can be quickly generated, and you have instant access to many aspects of performance.

screen shapshot of coaching softwareTechnique Analysis

Video analysis of technique is very useful for identifying and correcting problems with an athlete's technique. Things that can be measured and identified using video analysis include the following:

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Biomechanics Extra

Biomechanics applies the laws of mechanics and physics to human performance. See biomechanics applied to specific sports.

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