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Video Analysis Technique

To calculate accurate measurements from video footage, you need to have collected the video footage in the correct manner. Described here are some tips for when collecting video footage for biomechanical analysis.

sprint start

  1. In most cases the camera should be directly side on to the technique that is being analyzed. When videoing just for technique feedback, choose the angle (or multiple angles) that enables the best view of the movement.
  2. The camera should be steady. That means it is better not to hold the camera in you hands, but to have it set up on a tripod. Also avoid panning (following the object with the camera).
  3. The zoom function should not be used during recording.
  4. To make measurements of speed and distance, a scale must be used for calibration. For distance measures, you must have in the view of the video a standard distance measure, and for speed either a timing device in view or the frame rate of the film can be used.

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