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Sports Biomechanics is also known as "Physics in Sports". Sports Biomechanics explains the activity involve in a sports game which include motion, momentum, resistance, and friction play.

Job Description

A Sports Biomechanist helps an athlete understand how the joints, muscles and bones work together in conditions such as sports. A Sports Biomechanist guides and assist the athletes to improve their ability and skills and help them perform better during a sports game. They usually conduct conditioning technique as part of the training. Lastly, they find ways on how to improve the performance of the athletes, which requires the principles of movement and forces.

Job Requirements

A Sports Biomechanist must have knowledge about physics, statistics, anatomy, motor learning, human tissues and kinesiology. There should be effective communication skills and complex ideas. A Sports Biomechanist can work in a medical facility such as in an Orthopedic Center or in a Sports Sciences Clinic. In addition, they can also work at their own private practice. Furthermore, a Sports Biomechanist can also work with Athletes in Schools or Universities or alongside with the Olympic Athletes.

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The Education Requirements

To become a Sports Biomechanist, an engineering course together with biological science, human anatomy or movement, and physics are required for a person to be qualified.

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