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Should Soccer Use A Video Referee?

Up until recently, one of the few major world sports that had resisted the use of high-tech assistance was soccer (football). It made sense that replays could be used to adjudicate on off-side decisions, whether a ball passes over the goal line, and clarify penalty decisions, with an off-field referee communicating with the umpires on the field using wireless technology. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is now in place (see technology in soccer). Before then, we asked if you thought soccer (football) should use a video referee. Here are the results of this now-closed poll.

Should Soccer Use A Video Referee?

Response Votes  
Yes 475 (74%)
No 102 (16%)
Maybe (depends) 62 (10%)

Disclaimer: These polls are not scientific, and only reflect the opinion of visitors to this website who have chosen to participate.

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