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Sport Psychology Factors of Success in Sports

There is a range of physical and mental components that contribute to successful performance in sports, and success requires the whole range of factors to come together and interact in the right way. For many sports fitness factors are most important, though the mental aspects are essential at the elite level.

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Factors of Success

A large range of factors which are important for success in sport, both mental and physical, have been decided upon and can be seen on the factors of success page. Of the 15 listed, three components related to sport psychology were included in for a large survey of many sports. The three sports psychology factors that were considered to be the most important are listed below. We have combined the ratings for these three factors and created a list of the top sports which people consider these factors to be most important.

Other sport factors that may have a psychological link that did not make it on the final list included:

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Psychology Extra

Try some of these top tips to stay motivated, or these motivational quotes. Psychological assessment also plays an important role in sport psychology.

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