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Head to Head Battles in the World of Sport

There are always questions about who is a better between two athletes, and extra difficult when they are from different eras, not to mention from different sports too.

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In this section we put up two sports people, head to head, toe to toe, to see once and for all who should and who would win in an ultimate sporting battle.

In this section called Head 2 Head we use the power of numbers, provided by visitor rating of the aspects of athleticism for both the sport and the athlete. The comparison is based on initial scores on 12 factors of success. Help rate the sport factors of success, which are used in the analysis of player match ups. See details of how the head 2 head battles are scored.

Here are the some of the Head-2-Head Athlete Battles:

Here are the latest of the Head-2-Head Sports Battles:


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Check out our online head to head battles of the tape between sports and between athletes.

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