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Olympic Esports Games

The IOC has established an "Olympic Esports Games". It will be an annual Olympic Games-style esports event featuring many different virtual sports and video games.

e-motorsports may be includede-motorsports may be included

The creation of these Games is part of the Olympics' ongoing effort to attract and retain young fans and audiences. This initiative represents a significant step forward in recognizing esports as a true mainstream sport.

The inaugural Olympic Esports Games will be held in 2025 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The IOC is initially looking at including e-versions of sports in the “Olympic Esports Games”, rather than the sometimes violent esports that are usually part of esports competitions.

International Federations that have already established an e-version of their sport will be the first to be considered for inclusion in the Olympic Esports Games.

Possible Included Esports

These esport versions of traditional sports have been featured recently in IOC organized esports events, and will under consideration to be included in future events.

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