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Sports Science Fair Project Ideas

Here are some ideas for you to create informative and interesting sports science fair projects. Sports science projects are great for attracting notice at science fairs from your school friends and for impressing teachers and judges. You can also gain a wealth of information and knowledge from doing science fair projects on sports.

Some great high school science fair projects could be created from examining some of the mathematical formula and physics of sports, and you can get much more enjoyment out of it by using your interest in sports as a basis of your project.

Golf Science Fair Projects

Golf is a technical sport that has many examples of scientific principles in the swing and movement of the ball. Here are some examples of using golf examples in science fair projects:Golf Swing

see more about science and golf

Base ballBaseball Science Fair Projects

The sport of baseball provides many ideas for science fair projects, such as:

badminton PlayerTennis Science Fair Projects

Racket sports such as tennis and badminton provide more examples of science and sport.

There is a vast world of connections between science and sports, and presented above are only a fraction of the possible project ideas. Sports science fair projects are a wonderful opportunity for you to explore these connections. Have fun and create a successful science fair project, while enriching your knowledge of your favorite sports.

Example Projects

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