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Dressing for Success: How Athletes Use Fashion to Stand Out Off the Field

In the world of sports, athletes are known for their impressive feats of strength, speed, and skill. But their prowess on the field isn't the only thing that sets them apart from the crowd. Many athletes have also made a name off the field by using fashion to express their unique style and personality. Here's a closer look at how athletes use fashion to stand out and some tips for shopping for suits and formal wear at Target.

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Making a Statement with Fashion

For many athletes, fashion is a way to showcase their individuality and creativity outside their sport's confines. From LeBron James' signature suits to Russell Westbrook's bold fashion choices, athletes have been using fashion to make a statement for decades. Some athletes have fashion lines, such as Serena Williams' eponymous brand and Michael Jordan's wildly successful Jordan Brand.

But fashion isn't just about making a statement for athletes. It's also a way to cultivate their personal brand and enhance their marketability. In fact, many athletes have become fashion icons in their own right, with endorsement deals and collaborations with top fashion brands. By carefully curating their image through fashion, athletes can build their brand and expand their influence beyond the field.

Take, for example, NBA star James Harden. Harden has become known not only for his impressive skills on the court but also for his distinctive style off the court. He has collaborated with Adidas on a successful line of sneakers and apparel and has even launched his own fashion label, Thirteen, which he also extended to the restaurant business. By leveraging his fashion sense and personal brand, Harden has expanded his reach and become one of the most marketable athletes in the world.

But it's not just male athletes who are making a splash in the fashion world. Female athletes, too, are using fashion to express themselves and build their personal brands. Tennis star Naomi Osaka, for example, has become known for her bold fashion choices both on and off the court. She has even collaborated with Nike on a line of clothing that celebrates her Japanese and Haitian heritage. Using fashion to showcase her cultural identity and personal style, Osaka has built a loyal following and become one of the most sought-after athletes for endorsements and collaborations.

Many organisations that offer endorsements are actually looking to attract more buyers for their fashion lines. Often, you will find these clothes and accessories in everyday retail stores like Target or Gap and brand stores like Nike. For example, the Target catalogue often carries clothing and accessories from the activewear brand C9 Champion, which Olympic gold medalist Shaun White endorses. In addition, Target also offers a line of workout clothes and accessories from the athletic brand Umbro, which has been endorsed by soccer stars such as Michael Owen and John Terry.


Fashion has become an important way for athletes to express themselves and cultivate their personal brand. By carefully curating their image through fashion, athletes can enhance their marketability and expand their influence beyond the field.

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